Here are the issues getting college students into politics right now

Over the past few days, I’ve been fortunate enough to study at a great college up north (that isn’t paying me to advertise for them). During that time, I’ve gotten to speak to their political scientists and many of their students, as we shared notes over the direction of Florida politics, and what young politicos are doing as they prepare to enter the unforgiving arena of political campaigns.

My biggest question as I sat in these classrooms was “Which issue motivated you enough to dedicate your career to this despicable occupation?”.

The answers were made pretty clear.

Now, one quick disclaimer. This is higher education in 2022. This brief list will swing left, but the feedback is true and that asterisk should be expected.

Here are the issues.

Climate Change: And protectors of the environment would be happy to hear that this was bipartisan. It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. We’ll be long gone, but some of these students will have to clean up our mess.

Gun Control: This shouldn’t be a surprise. These students grew up in the age of Parkland. Pro gun organizations are leaning on older voters, hunters, and supporters in more rural areas, but this should cause them serious concern. Where is there future?

Abortion controversies: Many younger students were shocked at how fast such changes could happen. A couple of the people I spoke to were also planning on law school afterwards to protect their rights.

Geographical differences didn’t seem to matter: If we’re being honest, I could have asked these questions in Orlando. I was drawn into politics because of veterans affairs. Why? I’m a veteran. These are citizens of the earth. Students that want to go to school and be safe. And women who want their rights protected. Northeast. Southeast. Northwest. I believe this is the sentiment in American colleges right now.

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