Vince McMahon leaves behind a complicated legacy for fans of WWE

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Wow. It looks like it finally happened.

Vincent Kennedy McMahon, the person who has lead WWE for decades, has announced he is retiring.

And a door to the great wrestling unknown is open.

But we have to reflect on McMahon for a moment. Not doing so would be wrestling negligence. The man was the architect of the modern wrestling presentation.

When he brought Wrestlemania to Orlando, I was there. I heard his famous pitch in person for the first time in a room full of reporters. How wrestling could out-entertain any other genre, including, “out-cartonning the cartoons”.

He gave us the golden era. The In Your House era. The Attitude Era, which triumphed in the Monday Night Wars and propelled wrestling into the mainstream to stay. Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Dwayne Johnson, and John Cena all became household names under Vince.

Now he’s gone. And its complicated.

There are allegations of paying off women to cover up affairs. Reports of up to millions in bribes. Then there was the culture. We’ve all seen the documentaries. Athletes that were not protected from hard living and never found their way back.

Who knows if we’ll ever find out the truth? Maybe that’s why this retirement arrived.

If Vince is out of sight, he will eventually be out of mind. Interest in these scandals will disappear.

But he can’t be forgotten. He made this sport.

And for better and for worse, that legacy will last forever.

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