Mackenize Scott has helped myself and many other veterans a couple of times already

You know that veterans college experience that I couldn’t stop talking about last week? (story HERE).

What about the advocacy work I did for Florida veterans late last year?

Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott (former Bezos) helped pay for both of those experiences.

You’re probably already familiar with her story. And no doubt you’ve probably already heard stories of her generosity to countless organizations.

Its not just good press. The work is actually getting done. This stuff is real. I’ve lived it twice already.

And I write this post because so much of what we see in philanthropy these days is cigarette style PR.

I’m talking about companies that will donate a few thousands dollars on a solution that was caused because of their bad business practices to begin with. Such as the real estate brokers that will donate one home to a struggling family after selling every other house in the neighborhood to investors, who have driven up the rent and drove everyone else off.

That’s not the case here.

It’s important to follow the effect of these measures as well. We’re talking about dollars that are actually creating a positive change. We’re housing veterans. Sending them to college. We’re providing mental health services to those may be experiencing challenges in their life.

Goodness. What if we had a few more people like MacKenzie Scott?

And I’m also writing this post to say thank you. We have short memories. I’m committed to not forgetting.

Because what we’re seeing MacKenzie Scott do in improving the quality of life for veterans is remarkable.

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