There isn’t any hope left for working class families in Orlando

If you’re a working class family in Orlando, my heart goes out to you. Almost every factor in creating an acceptable quality of life for your loved ones has been stacked against you.

Housing is overpriced. That’s if you can find a home to buy that hasn’t been snatched up by investors. If you rent, your landlord has likely increased the cost of your apartment by 30% or more. You can’t fight back because big real estate owns many of your elected leaders.

You’re probably underpaid. This is because many of the biggest employers in tourism also own your lawmakers. This makes it even more difficult to pay your overpriced rent (see above).

The education your kids are getting at school is likely distressed. This is because we don’t pay our teachers enough to pay their overpriced rent and we have dangerous teacher shortage. This means your kids might get missed in class. That’s if we can get them to school, because we don’t pay our bus drivers either.

Violent crime has been increasing. You can’t cross the street safely. Don’t get hurt or sick because we’ve got medical staffing shortages everywhere. Despite massive transportation projects, traffic is still a mess.

Revenue generated by the work we do at hotels goes back to big tourism. We can’t fix any of the problems you’ve read about so far with it. They made sure of it.

But don’t worry. Big tourism in 2022 has failed to get a World Cup bid and tried to implement a game that shoots targets from an elevated position in the middle of large crowds.

We also have cars that can drive themselves, but no vehicles that can get veterans to medical appointments.

Once upon a time, someone could come to Orlando, work really hard and create a great life for their family. That’s how I was raised here when I arrived as an elementary schooler.

But those times are over. Corruption from special interests has ruined life for the working families in Orlando. There is no help coming. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

I’m sorry. And I’m a little sad. I never thought it would end up this way. Please take care of yourself and your families because most of our leaders don’t care.

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