Mayor Jerry Demings cares more about campaign donors than Orlando families

The title of this post.

I thought about it for a couple of minutes before I hit “publish”.

This is because its a serious accusation. But I believe it to be true.

Yet again, we saw Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings viciously defend Orlando big real estate, as many of his working constituents tried to implement fair rent measures at today’s commission meeting.

I’ve been watching Jerry for 12 years. This includes his time in as sheriff. I have never seen him try to throw as many wrenches in a plan, that is being designed to prevent struggling families from being homeless as has since this proposal was born a couple of months ago.

Not even close.

During today’s hearing, he deflected at every opportunity he could find. He was aggressive on the dais, trying to bring the hearing to a close while other commissioners were trying to ask questions and craft an ordinance that could help people.

His attempts to sabotage this measure have been subtle but prevalent.

He’s punting at every opportunity. It’s my opinion that he’s buying time to either torpedo the ordinance at the last minute to keep it off the ballot, or to allow more time for his real estate donors and property managers to lobby commissioners even harder.

Jerry has been in office for a few years now. I’ve never seen him fight this hard for anything.

The reason is obvious. Orlando Real Estate has donated a fortune to his campaign.

Perhaps he also believes that voters trying to save their homes, will also vote against his transportation tax increase. Maybe its because he doesn’t want to admit his own plan for housing was a failure. He depended on real estate, developers, and lobbyists to get the job done and they just made things worse.

Twice I’ve spoken for fair rent measures. The second time Jerry laughed at me from the dais. Maybe he thought my positive tone was funny. I’ve since been priced out of Orange County again.

But positivity is difficult now. This is because more families lose their home everyday. And he continues dragging his feet.

This is why I had no problem hitting “publish” on this post.

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