NBA: The internet mostly doesn’t think Draymond Green deserves a max contract extension

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Draymond Green is undeniably an important part of the Golden State Warriors dynasty. The intensity. The defense. The scorin.. The intensity. Did I say that last one twice?

You know what I mean. The Warriors might not win without this guy.

But Draymond has said that he expects to get a max contract extension. That’s a lot of money for someone entering what is likely the final chapter of their career.

The internet mostly doesn’t believe that he’s worth the money. Let’s go to the tweets.

What do you think? Should the Warriors back up the Brinks truck for Draymond?

Do you think this is a play by Draymond to join LeBron and the Lakers?

Would he be a good fit in Los Angeles?

Let me know in the comments below.

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