NewsNation is making a big mistake hiring Chris Cuomo

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If you haven’t watched NewsNation, you should give it a shot. They are really trying to be something unique in our galaxy full of hyperpartisan news. The personalities are nice enough, and the coverage is fairly strong. They’re off to a good start.

Which is why I’m puzzled by their decision to hire Chris Cuomo. The former CNN primetime news anchor was fired after his alleged tampering in his brother and former Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo’s, sexual harassment scandal.

Why would you want to tie yourself up in that?

What I remember most about Cuomo’s time in the anchor chair on prime time for CNN was the ego. He’s got a massive TV god complex. And he carried that ego everywhere he went.

Then there was also the lack of remorse he showed during the controversy and following it.

Why would NewsNation want to have any part of that?

My guess is that they want to tap into any audience that Cuomo has left from his time at CNN to grow their own product. On paper that makes sense. They probably view this as a major free agent signing.

Except its not. Its someone who may have done something wrong and is trying to move on like nothing happened. In fact, he sued CNN.

Really, I would like to see NewsNation grow their own stars. Someone with a history that is less troubling.

Let’s hope that it doesn’t alter their product too much. They’re on to something over there. I think this is a step backwards and not a step forward.

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