Shawn Mendes setting the right example for fans by taking time off for self care

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On Wednesday morning, music superstar Shawn Mendes announced that he would be cancelling the rest of the dates on his tour to take care of himself…

Good for him.

I say that because its important for all of us to know our limits. And to establish a balance. Too many times, we’ve seen young stars push forward too fast and they end up experiencing burnout. More often than not to disastrous consequences.

While no doubt, there will be a lot of disappointed fans and venues, this is the right decision for the future.

And these young stars often make these decisions in the face of management that wants to keep the money train going. Too often, we’ve seen the dollar push young talents to the brink. It’s time that we put an end to this abusive trend.

And Mendes is hardly alone. We’ve seen champions like Simone Biles in Olympic Gymnastics and Naomi Osaka in tennis, also decide to take time off to take care of themselves.

This will, in time, lead to longer and more successful careers.

If you’re feeling burned out, then try to find some relief. It may mean a lighter workload. It may mean using the free time you do have to actually rest. Too many times, most of us end up using our days off to do more work.

Let’s all wish Shawn some peace and rest.

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