Marvel: Fans reconsider Team Cap vs. Team Iron Man “Civil War” debate six years later

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If you’ve been on social media recently, then you might have seen some weird Marvel Cinematic Universe terms trending.

Mostly, #TeamCap or #TeamIronman

You remember the question. Whose side were you on in the film?

Were you on Team Iron Man with Tony Stark, which favored Superhero Registration act aka the Sakovia Accords, after the Avengers wrecked multiple cities while fending off supervillains?

Or were you on Team Captain America, which favored independence? Who opposed registration.

Back in 2016, the answer was obvious. Most of us were Team Captain America. No one likes the idea of being controlled by the government.

But fans rewatching the film are actually looking at the actions of the characters, mostly The Winter Soldier, who killed Starks parents when he was brainwashed.

That complicates things quite a bit. And if you watch the film, Steve just kind of looks at Tony and shrugs. Not to mention that Bucky is still causing problems during the film.

So, who is right? Really, they were both wrong.

I was Team Cap back in the day, But when The Avengers broke up, they delivered the Infinity Stones to Thanos. A unified Avengers stops Thanos at Wakanda. Heck, they likely stop the invasion in New York. And “the snap” never happens.

Tony and Steve kept that from happening.

But the fact we’re still talking about this film six years later demonstrates they did a lot right in what was an excellent film.

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