WWE: Let the rehabilitation of Shotzi and Lacey Evans began

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If there were two WWE superstars that had it bad under the previous leadership regime, it was Shotzi Blackheart and Lacey Evans.

Shotzi should have had a push straight out of NXT. The charismatic, tatooed, tank driving, menace had such a cool vibe when she came up. We’ve seen almost everything at this point in pro wrestling history, but Shotzi was different.

When she arrived on Smackdown, they chopped off her name, took away her tank, and started having her lose matches straight away. What happened? It also didn’t help that she had real life challenges. It was like she was brought up to specifically fail.

Tonight, she won. And that energy was back. This could be a new beginning. I know I hope so.

Lacey Evans was not on Smackdown tonight. She’s another superstar that continued to be mishandled by the old leadership. When she came back from maternity leave, leadership gave her these vignettes that were meant to illustrate her tough upbringing. While admirable, they overdid it and stretched it out for weeks. And when she arrived, they couldn’t decide if she was heel or face. And they ultimately landed with this offensive heel veteran character that was one of the worst things I’ve seen WWE do in recent memory.

Let’s hope they bring her back with a clearer vision. She can wrestle.

The truth is that both of these athletes should be thriving. And tonight, there could be an indication of a new beginning for both.

And that will make for a stronger women’s division, that will make for an overall better WWE product.

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