Happy Birthday Orlando, sorry corruption has made living with you tougher than ever

Happy 147th Birthday, City of Orlando.

I’m sorry that as you reach this milestone, we’ve done so much wrong by you.

I’m sorry that we’ve elected leaders that want to exploit your beauty and wonderful weather.

I’m sorry that those leaders have taken checks from big real estate and have decided working families have no place living in your community.

I’m sorry that younger families have been priced out of buying a home here.

I’m sorry that there are kids living in cars because real estate has paid off the leaders we elected, and we can’t control rent increases.

I’m sorry that our county mayor is working specifically to keep those families locked out, and to keep those kids in those cars (story HERE).

I’m sorry that we don’t have enough teachers in your schools.

I’m sorry that we don’t have enough nurses in your hospitals.

I’m sorry that we’re going to lie to your residents by telling them we’re going to raise taxes for buses and trains, and then turn around and spend it all on roads and bonuses for executives.

I’m sorry that violent crime is going up and people are worrying about getting shot when they go to Florida Mall or to Lake Eola to see fireworks.

I’m sorry for the individuals who did get shot last night on Wall Street, and their families.

I’m sorry that we have a pot of money that is reserved only for the billion dollar theme parks and overpaid tourism executives, and can’t be used to fix these problems that I’m talking about.

I’m sorry you don’t like the Fourth of July.

I’m sorry your basketball team is happy living at the bottom of the standings.

But I’m also sorry that I can’t live in your community anymore. Things weren’t always this way.

I’m sorry that you can’t accomplish greatness by working hard in your neighborhoods anymore.

Maybe by birthday 148 things can get a little better, and then even more so at 149.

But I’m sorry we let you down.

Happy Birthday, Orlando.

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