Pushback against veteran teachers will just keep us away from other initiatives meant to help

It appears that the public has spoken. They don’t want veterans in the classrooms following the passage of legislation that would have made it easier for us to help out with the critical teacher shortage in Florida.

Never mind that there were still education requirements in place.
Forget that there would have been a five year window to get a legit certificate.
Don’t remember the fact that there are substitute teachers filling those spots right now who don’t have the qualifications we have.

They still don’t want us (story HERE).

And I’m not sure if there is a labor component here that some teachers are afraid of. There are others who believe we’re all damaged by PTSD and we’re not trusted. But that really doesn’t matter anymore.

We’ve gotten the message.

Believe it or not, but it doesn’t matter if you’re a hard charging marine, a school teacher, or even a janitor at a retail store.

But if you’re not wanted somewhere, you’re not going to show up.

Maybe that’s the intention with this resistance. Its quite possible that this is supposed to be a deterrent.

And its going to work. And we’re going to keep dealing with teachers shortages as affordable housing continues to disappear.

What about veterans?

Well, what about veterans?

We’re living in an age where our elected officials only want to spend time around us during Veterans Day or Memorial Day.

They won’t build us housing when we need it. They’ll change the subject when suicide numbers come up.

This is just another level of rejection. We’ll get over it.

But if there are people that don’t want us teaching in classrooms, then we’ll stay away.

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