Trending: The internet loved the Jill Scott intensity in England win over Germany in Women’s European Final

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They say love is a global language. That may be true.

But getting trucked in soccer game is also a global language, and whatever communication barriers there may be beforehand will soon disappear if you get the wrong player angry.

And Jill Scott sent notice to the world that she is the wrong player to make angry. Team Germany found that out the hard way, falling to England 2-1 in what was an epic conclusion in the Women’s European Championship Final.

But the internet loved watching Jill Scott preparing to disintegrate a German player after a dirty play, when she appeared to mouth “F— Off, you f—— prick!”

And rightfully so. She could have gotten hurt.

Let’s go to the reactions below.

What do you think?

Do you appreciate the intensity?

Have you ever been victim to a dirty play in soccer?

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