It doesn’t matter what age Oviedo Mall apartments require, if no one can afford them

Have you been to the Oviedo Mall lately?

What they’ve done there is lovely. They’ve taken what is considered by many to be a tired traditional mall concept, and completely opened up to every kind of business you can possibly imagine.

For example, you can get married at the Oviedo Mall and throw axes with your new in-laws without even leaving the building. Heck, I went to a Political Hob Nob there last month and the food court essentially catered the whole thing.

You can learn how to knit, walk up some stairs and watch “Top Gun: Maverick” which sounds like the greatest afternoon ever.

That’s ingenuity.

Unfortunately, the mall is going to run into the same troubling challenge all of Greater Orlando is dealing with. That’s trying to find the right pitch for its new apartments (story HERE).

The debate at the heart of the argument appears to be what age requirements they should have. It was originally supposed be for seniors. Now, they want to open it up to all ages.

But the truth is that if its not affordable housing, then the developers and the Oviedo Mall are just contributing to the Greater Orlando area’s biggest problem. Not providing a place where everyone can call home.

Instead of age. They need to be looking at paystubs and become responsible partners in the community.

Otherwise, they’re no different than so many other bad neighbors. Providing housing that the employees working in the same complex can’t even afford.

And real fast, they need to be looking at traffic density too. The Altamonte Mall has been a parking lot that has spilled out to 436 for years since they added apartments.

Some important decisions to consider as the mall tries to figure out it’s future in what is one of Central Florida’s finest communities.

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