Publix should grant reasonable employee request for 10% pay raises

“Publix. Where shopping is a pleasure”

You’re familiar with the slogan (I’ve heard it for most of my life) and for the most part it’s true.

And that is because of the employees.

Top notch service isn’t just a philosophy at Publix. It’s a mandatory way of life, with stiff consequences for employees that don’t put the customer first.

I’ve often joked that employees at Publix that are rude to customers are locked in the freezer as punishment. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel like a joke. There is almost scary step-parent vibe from management where you’re scared for the workers employed there. Like they’re going to get beaten in the parking lot for not giving you your complimentary sugar cookie quickly enough.

Which is why they deserve a raise. There is a push for one in the company according to the hometown paper. A reasonable 10% (story HERE).

Publix should grant their request. Because without their workers, Publix is nothing.

Their prices have increased, while their portions have lessened. This is a very different reality at Publix right now. Its much more expensive.

Where is that money going? I’d like to know. It should go towards the employees. Especially here in the Orlando area, where their landlords have probably exploited them and increased their rent by over 30%.

The same employees who have to deal with annoying customers. You know who I’m talking about. You could be who I’m talking about.

The ones who shout at the deli when their chicken tenders aren’t cut up and tossed in buffalo sauce before going on their subs.

The ones who are on their phone and holding up the lines during the after work rush.

The customers who make messes in the aisles and say nothing, expecting someone to discover and clean it up for them.

Those employees. They deserve a raise.

Let’s give it to them, Publix.

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