No way LYNX should be allowed control of SunRail

LYNX, the greater Orlando bus service, is terrible. It always has been.

It was bad in my teens, 20’s, 30s, and now 40s. In fact, its greatest accomplishment is having been so bad for so long.

And right now, as the service purposely drags its feet in an attempt to get residents to raise taxes on themselves for more funding (post HERE) to do more bad work, we’ve got dirty buses and stops, a buggy and horribly inaccurate ride app, and a reputation that is so bad, many employers won’t hire workers that use it because they can’t get to work on time.

And now, there are some local leaders that think it’s a good idea for them to takeover Sunrail too (story HERE).

The same organization that can’t handle the workload it has now. They want them to move into the train business.

Luckily, smarter leaders from other areas outside of Orange County understand that LYNX is very bad at its job. They also understand that they’ve had a history of poor leadership (story HERE).

Let’s hope the responsible voices in the room win this debate and that LYNX is kept as far away from Sunrail as possible.

The responsible move here is to go with a third party that has a proven track record of success in managing public transit.

Unlike LYNX.

Failing to do so will ensure that LYNX takes Sunrail down with them in it’s whirlpool of logistical incompetence. And in the process completely ruin another leg of public transportation in Orlando.

That’s not hyperbole. It will happen. Watch it happen.

Or get on the phone with your local elected officials and tell them LYNX has no business running Sunrail.

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