Orlando tourism and hospitality workers should absolutely strike until rent crisis is resolved

No one is mistreated as much as hospitality and tourism workers in Orlando.

They fuel our economy by working in our theme parks, hotels, and airports, yet they’re one of the most underpaid workers we have in the region.

They change soiled sheets, walk miles in the scorching heat, and scrub filthy toilets, every single day.

And they’re struggling to pay the rent just like the rest of us.

Also like the rest of us, there is little they can do to fight back.

But if no rent help is coming, and they’re going to lose their homes anyways, they should react to provoke change.

They should walk. They should strike. And deal a blow against greedy real estate and tourism leaders, and the politicians attached to their leashes that do whatever they say.

The truth is that there isn’t anything else they can do. They have walking power that’s it. They should bring the tourism engine to a grinding halt.

That’s the only way Orlando tourism and real estate will listen.

If you think that’s rough, consider the fact that they generate millions in tourism revenue that they’re not even allowed to benefit from. That would be the Orange County Tourism Development Tax.

And the brutal truth is that this is the only thing they might be able to do to make a positive change.

Otherwise, they’ll continue to struggle and lose their homes one by one. And even though they’re spending their lives helping often ungrateful tourists and even more ungrateful bosses, they can strike a blow by taking a stand.

Will it ever happen? I don’t know. But we won’t see change until it does.

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