Trending: Fans goof on Jason Garrett during NFL Hall of Fame Game broadcast

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“NFL Football is back! Hooray!”

“With Jason Garrett on the desk! Awwww!”

And so goes the Thursday night NFL TV audience that got the former longtime Dallas Cowboys coach trending on prime time, during the Hall of Fame Game featuring the Jacksonville Jaguars against the Las Vegas Raiders.

They got him trending all the way to #2 on Twitter, only behind a controversial video from former Vice President Dick Cheney with a partially faux negative sentiment (meaning social media users were saying negative things but they were mostly jokes) and its also worth noting that social media is tough on almost every broadcaster at one point or another.

Lets go to the reactions!

And if it’s NBC social media, viewers will find a way to diss “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd.

What do you think?

Are you a Jason Garrett fan?

If not Garrett, who would you rather have on the desk?

Did you watch the HOF game? Or are you waiting for the regular season?

Let me know in the comments below.

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