WWE: The return of Karrion Kross and Scarlett is Triple H righting another major wrong

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Karrion Kross and Scarlett were, in my opinion, the hottest property in the WWE a couple of years ago.

We had this great athlete, who could be a beast in the ring, and still pull off sophistication in a suit outside of it. He wasn’t just a champion. He was a kingpin. A final boss, if wrestling ever had one.

And he had a manager. Not just one who was insanely beautiful, but someone who took the entire presentation to another level. When she appeared, it was one of the best harbingers of doom that the WWE ever put together.

And we got them both back tonight. Not just a skeleton of that kingpin in a ridiculous mask, but a team that was ready to pick up where they left off and take it all. And the chemistry is so good that you have to take them seriously, even after they’ve been gone for so long.

You can thank Triple H for all of that.

Kross and Scarlett never should have been allowed to walk. Really, Kross should have been a champion by now. The prior leadership regime in WWE shaved valuable time off of this duo in their prime.

But now, we’re going to see them in the main event picture. And goodness, when you add them to a potential Drew McIntyre feud. When you add them to a feud with The Bloodline. There is a potential for some really great drama, and some really great matches.

And Triple H is finally giving it back to us.

Welcome back Kross and Scarlett. We can’t wait to see all the greatness you’re capable of.

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