Orlando has never seriously pursued affordable veterans housing

“All in favor say aye. All opposed…”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard an Orlando Mayor or Orange County Mayor greenlight a project for hundreds of units of housing that no working class families in the Central Florida area can afford.

And as Orlando sits in the worst housing crisis in its history, its occurred to me that no one has ever seriously pursued veterans housing in the tri county area.

There are vouchers that fall within HUD programs, but no complex that specifically has units set aside for veterans.

Otherwise, I’d still be living in my hometown and would not have been priced out. Twice.

There are other communities in Florida that have pursued veterans housing. Some have succeeded.

And there are communities like the city of Seminole in Pinellas County which have rejected veterans housing, because the mayor and city council believed claims that we’ll bring drugs and crime to their community (story HERE).

Orlando has done nothing.

Inaction on veterans issues is nothing new in Central Florida, and in the state as a whole, where the sunshine state is among the leaders in veterans homelessness and veterans suicide.

The Lake Nona Veterans Hospital was delayed for three years.

We shouldn’t be surprised that no one has moved on this.

There are plenty of leaders who are lined up for parades and ceremonies, but no local leaders have stepped up and pushed for this kind of project that would actually change and improve the lives of Orlando veterans.

Why is that? I don’t know. I wish I knew.

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