Welcome to Orlando, DAV convention, sadly your business won’t be used to help disabled veterans

Welcome to Orlando, Disabled American Veterans, it is my hope that your convention goes well and that your organization leaves stronger than it arrives. My brothers and sisters, you are the best this country has to offer.

Unfortunately, none of your business at Orlando area hotels, chain restaurants and stores, will be used to help other veterans in our community or anywhere.

This is because of our Tourism Development Tax. A portion of your revenue is pulled and funneled back into the Orlando tourism monster. They use it to paint murals across the country and to deliver high six figure salaries to tourism agency executives.

We can’t use your money for schools, or public safety, or education. It has to be used for tourism (story HERE).

And sadly, we can’t use it to help veterans in Orlando either.

Even though many of us are suffering through an affordable housing crisis, and Florida is among the leaders in veterans suicides.

It is one of the great faults in our community. We could do so many great things here, but our politicians won’t let us. Including some speaking at your convention this weekend.

You’re also in our convention district, which means that you’ll have to venture out quite a bit to actually be a neighborhood friendly consumer.

And the airport workers you passed as you left the gate at Orlando International Airport are also terribly underpaid.

This of course has nothing to do with you. But you deserve to know.

In the future, there are other communities that treat veterans better, which are more deserving of your business.

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