NBA: Dejounte Murray is the perfect villain for Paolo Banchero and the Orlando Magic

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Over the weekend, Atlanta Hawks guard, Dejounte Murray, got one over on #1 draft pick and Orlando Magic star in waiting, Paolo Banchero. So much so, that they were trending on Sunday night.

While the game didn’t count, and Murray was thumping his chest a little too hard while forgetting that point, I think we should all welcome this rivalry.

He’ll be a great villain to watch Banchero grow against.

The truth is that Murray, in his 6th season may have missed his window for greatness. Banchero is preparing for his first season on a young Magic team that will give him every opportunity to shine.

Murray is Uncle Scar to Banchero’s Simba. There is some resentment there.

It also works that he plays for our rivals up the street in Atlanta. They’re a great match up for us and we’ll get to see Murray and Banchero several times over.

And next time it will count.

It also bears repeating that Banchero is giving the Orlando Magic more exposure than they’ve had before, and he hasn’t even played a real game yet. When was the last time you saw a Magic player trending multiple times over like this?

You’ll recall, Banchero had them trending when they played the Sacramento Kings in a summer league game.

The Sacramento Kings.

So I say bring on the Murray vs. Banchero rivalry, and I hope the rest of their teams get in on the action.

It only puts more eyeballs on the Orlando Magic product. And that’s a win for everyone in the 407.

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