Trending: Tyra Banks made the internet angry again with old TV clips

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Tyra Banks regularly makes the internet angry. Usually, its done through her hosting duties on Dancing with the Stars, where she’ll usually drag out the QA and then rush the elimination. She’ll be sharing those duties this season with Alfonso Ribeiro as the show moves to Disney Plus.

But on Monday, it was because of some old video clips surfacing from her hit show America’s Next Top Model. Despite being a long running hit for Banks, it hasn’t aged well, and Twitter was waiting.

Banks was trending in the top 5 on Monday with a negative sentiment.
Let’s go to the tweets.

What do you think?

Much of Tyra Bank’s work was commercially successful. Does it matter?

Or should celebrities have to answer for their crimes of the past?

Do you plan on watching the next season of Dancing with the Stars?

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