We need to bolster VA workforce with same urgency as IRS hiring

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Recently, it was announced that the White House will be hiring more IRS personnel to expedite operations for the shorthanded agency.

We should be looking at similar measures for the Department of Veterans Affairs as well.

In addition to a claims backlog that is already totaling in the hundreds of thousands, there are also expectations that the recent passage of the PACT Act will also increase the workload of claims for handlers at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Let’s be proactive for a change and get out front of this expected influx of veterans looking for help.

If we can hire thousands for IRS operations, certainly we can do the same to help our brothers and sisters. Can’t we?

And we shouldn’t limit our hiring to just claims, there are so many hospitals and clinics that are so short handed. We should make this a department wide hiring push.

What will happen if we don’t? Will the PACT Act even make a difference if there is no one there to handle the work?

Its something we should be concerned about. Let’s do something about this now.

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