Honestly, Florida veterans care about the good, not the politics of license plates and teaching jobs

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“Leave us out of the politics.”

That’s what I keep saying when I see initiatives floating around Florida that may involve political games which are using veterans as pawns.

Some examples of this include recent legislation that would allow veterans to help out in the classroom, as school districts all over the state face a teacher shortage of 1000s.

Veterans want this opportunity to launch a great career, and to do one of the most important jobs that exist in our society.

But because of the political angles in Tallahassee, we’ve got teachers attacking politicians. To do this, they have to attack our qualifications and question our mental health.

Are they enjoying this? Of course not. But their dislike for lawmakers who don’t agree with them, outweigh what we feel when we open up a newspaper and have to read that we’re not qualified or that we have PTSD that could endanger children.

That kind of message and lack of trust will hurt the toughest of us.

Then we have the recent “Don’t Tread On Me” license plate. Once again, because political enemies don’t like the lawmakers promoting this flag, its getting attacked.

Meanwhile, struggling veterans like myself understand that proceeds from this plate will go to veterans organizations.

Florida is among the leaders in veterans suicides and we’re struggling with housing. I was recently priced out of Orlando for a second time.

We need all the help we can get.

Its not fair.

Because all we want are good jobs. All we want are our struggling brothers and sisters to get help.

Most of us don’t want to look for a job, or seek out help, and have to deal with political grudges.

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