These awesome Idaho kids opened a lemonade stand and used the proceeds to help veterans

In what will probably be the best story you read all day, a group of kids from Idaho opened a lemonade stand and donated the proceeds to charity, including a group that helps the region’s veterans (story HERE photo credit

The Bugbee kids from Idaho Falls, Oliver, 3, Troy, 6, Juliana, 7 and Anjanette, 11, set up the lemonade stand in two different locations because “it made them feel happy”.

They raised enough to donate a couple of hundred dollars to Champ’s Heart, an organization that helps disabled children and veterans to connect to horses.

Also included in their generosity was the Idaho Falls Area Humanitarian Center, which received almost 700 pull-ups or diapers from the kids.

When I heard about these efforts from across the country, It made me so happy I knew I had to write about it.

Veterans face a lot of challenges these days, from getting the benefits they’ve earned with their service, to simply finding a place to live in some communities.

With young people like this group committing acts of kindness like the one you just read about, there is a reason to feel hopeful about the future.

A big thank you to each of them and their family.

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