Endeavors Jacksonville operation should tackle badly needed dental services for Florida veterans

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Great news for veterans in Northeast Florida, as Texas-based Endeavors wants to eventually build a wellness center in Jacksonville, that will offer services to veterans that may not be available right now.

Please let that include dental help.

This may throw some people off. “Dental care? Our veterans don’t have that already?”.

That is a very fair question. But sadly the answer to that question is “No, not most of us”.

The criteria for dental care under the Department of Veterans Affairs are so tight that only an estimated 5% of vets actually

If you’ve ever experienced root canal pain, you understand that it’s constant misery. You can’t drink. You can’t eat. Even breathing hurts at times.

And for many veterans, it’s an unexpected cost that can lead to a familiar downward spiral to other financial problems.

There are no inexpensive dental treatments. That root canal we were talking about? That’s $1,500 dollars. Then you have to get the crown. That’s another $1,300.

Many veterans will opt for the less expensive extraction. But that’s often a mistake as the rest of their teeth must pick up the
workload. That means more problems with teeth and more dental bills.

That’s where Endeavors could help.

And if done properly, its new wellness center wouldn’t just be a destination for Northeast Florida veterans but all veterans in the entire state.

I wish my old hometown of Orlando was getting this facility. I could have used this help when I lived there.

This operation is still a long way from being completed. They’re still gathering data.

But access to dental care would be the absolute sure way that this organization could make a difference in Florida.

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