College placement tests continue to ambush unprepared veterans

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It’s funny, well kind of sad really, but I am not a college graduate. That’s always been something I wanted to accomplish, to be able to share in that camaraderie of being a graduate from a school.

The reason? I bombed the placement tests. This happened a longtime ago.

Recently, I was going to be a scholarship recipient.

But I goofed the placement tests. Again.

So, I’m not going to be a scholarship recipient. Stuff the letter back in the envelope and send it back. I was probably too old anyway.

If you’re not familiar with the college process, you’re given a placement tests in various subject to test what you know. If you fail the tests, you have to take prep classes.

The classes still cost money but they don’t award credit. They’re worthless outside of the realm of their actual name. Preparation.

In my case, the costs would not be covered by my scholarship. No college for me.

Now, I’ll take some accountability here. I suppose I should have been smarter and more prepared for the preparatory tests.

But it’s setbacks like these that also discourage other veterans from going to college as well.

We still have to work during this process, and taking meaningless college is a setback many of us can’t get past.

Do I think I could still pass the actual courses? Absolutely. I’ve actually passed these courses before.

But many college systems insist on taking placement tests again. I suppose that’s a systematic problem.

I’m bummed, but not beaten. I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me of what I’m capable of.

But many other younger veterans do. A degree is still very much worth the trouble. And this is an obstacle they need to see coming.

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