Val Demings can’t be trusted on affordable housing, when Jerry Demings tried to kill fair rent prices in Orlando

Please checkout the tweet from Congresswoman Val Demings from last night.

At face value, the tweet makes sense. Demings’ Orlando area district has been one of the hardest hit during the worst rent crisis in the region’s history. The same one that priced me out of my hometown twice.

But Val Demings, is also the spouse of Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings, one of the most powerful figures in Central Florida that has help engineer that very same crisis (story HERE).

Time and time again, Mayor Demings has chosen big real estate in Orlando over families. Look at his behavior on the dais. And look at his campaign finance reports.

This also includes a vote that aimed to stabilize rent prices in Orlando which took place just last week (story HERE).

This puts Val Demings in a position where her senate campaign is saying one thing, and the other member of her Windermere estate is saying another.

She should clarify whether she supports fair rent measures or not.

It’s also important to remember that for a short time, Val Demings ran for Orange County Mayor herself, before ultimately withdrawing after speculation of campaign turmoil.

This is important for the integrity of her campaign. She can’t stand behind a podium in front of hundreds of voters stumping for affordable housing, when one of the main reasons the problem exists in her very own district is standing just a few feet away from her.

And she can’t do it on the same stage she’ll share with other candidates for office who are much more sincere on the topic than she is.

Its this kind of imbalance and inconsistency which leads to massive losses up and down the ballot.

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