Veterans Election Issues 2022: Questions to ask County/City/Municipal candidates

Elections are almost here, and unfortunately (as usual) veterans issues are being pushed towards the back burner in many races.

This is why I’m starting a new series of posts for candidates running for office on all levels of government. These questions are non partisan and broad.

I’m not publishing right or wrong answers. It’s your vote. That’s up for you to decide.

This post? Candidates running for local office. This includes County Commission, City Council, and everything similar.

Do you support the construction of affordable veterans housing in your community?

This may seem like an easy “yes” but there are communities like the City of Seminole which brought into the fallacy that veterans bring crime and drugs into the area and voted against helping us (story HERE).

What is your plan for veterans that are transitioning out of the military back into your community to keep them from slipping into common pitfalls like depression, unemployment, and homelessness?

Cities like my former hometown of Orlando don’t have active outreach plans. There may be an office or a veterans service officer, but zero actual work is being done and that leads to problems.

What is your plan to pull veterans off of the street that may be homeless right now?
We need specifics here. Too many candidates will just use the same answer for general homelessness in their area and that doesn’t work.

Who are some veterans in your life who you’ve learned from? You’ll be surprised how many candidates don’t have any vets in their life. And they’re working completely blind in the area.

What are your plans to ensure veterans have access to VA health care and benefits?
This matters whether you’re in a rural area, where a clinic may be 50 miles away, or if your in a community where there isn’t any public transportation that can get vets to a doctor.

Really, all of these questions should be easy to answer. And if the candidate has problems coming up with acceptable responses, then maybe they need to study more.

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