Ashley Moody vs. Aramis Ayala might finally get voters excited about a Florida AG race

Quick. Name the loser of a Florida Attorney General race. Any AG race.

Can’t name one can you? (The “real ones” would tell you Buddy Dyer, who lost to Charlie Crist 20 years ago. Story HERE).

But the truth is you can’t. Because voters sadly don’t pay attention to Florida Attorney General races.

Well, that might change in 2022. We have an excellent showdown between two almost completely different philosophies of the law.

We have incumbent Ashley Moody, a “law and order” incumbent, who is flanked by sheriffs from all over the state at press conferences, where she reinforces conservative legal principles that line up with Governor Ron Desantis’ policies.

Then we have Aramis Ayala, who actually “beat Death” to reach this general election (background HERE), and shocked the nation by refusing to pursue the death penalty for any cases in 2017, and instead created a review board to examine where the punishment is needed.

Ayala has beaten the odds throughout her political career, but she may find Moody to be a tougher opponent than even death himself.

But the great thing about this match up is that it will get voters interested in a cabinet position that is just so important in the direction of the state.

And that’s a good thing.

We should get at least one televised debate between the two,because this a true clash of legal religion between these accomplished professionals.

And then maybe we can finally remember who wins and loses these elections.

Florida will be better for it.

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