Here is who Charlie Crist should consider as runningmates for DeSantis fight

Charlie Crist is the Republican Democratic nominee for governor. Again.

And while I joke, its once again time for Charlie Crist to pick a runningmate. In 2014, he picked Annette Taddeo, who injected some welcomed energy and a different perspective to the campaign, despite the rumors that they never cared for each other. Taddeo ran for Governor against Charlie for a short time this year before switching to a congressional campaign.

But this time around, Charlie’s runningmate should be aware. This is kind of a political suicide mission.

While Ron DeSantis thinks of himself as Maverick from the Top Gun movies, it’s Charlie that has to fly his 66 year old self against a newer generation 43 year old model that moves quickly and wants to be President.

He needs a runnnigmate with nothing to lose. Here are my picks.

Nikki Fried: I like Nikki better than Charlie, but her campaign staff said some dumb things about some hardworking Orlando lawmakers and things were never the same. But Nikki can scrap, and there might be no one who is better to attack than someone who has had a front row seat to DeSantis’ leadership over the last four years.

Gwen Graham: Make no mistake about it. Gwen Graham could be governor at this very moment. But you guys fell in love with Andrew Gillum, and you know how that turned out. Moderates love Gwen and her style is a good change-up from Charlie’s.

Stephanie Murphy: Speaking of moderates, I’ve been watching Stephanie Murphy win moderate and Republican votes for six years now. She may run for senate in a couple of years. Even if she loses here, she still could. Just look at Taddeo. I think Stephanie would actually outshine Charlie. She won a following telling her story during the January 6th hearings, and she could do it statewide here by writing a love letter to the country which gave her this opportunity.

There you have it. I do think straying too far from the ideaology would be another step towards a DeSantis reelection. While the right pick could clinch a close election.

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