Let’s hope Charlie Crist isn’t going to blow running mate announcement “pop” on a sleepy Saturday

Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Charlie Crist, has a big announcement planned in South Florida for this Saturday. Crist secured the nomination easily on Tuesday night, giving him the opportunity to return to the job he once held as a Republican over 12 years ago.

If you’re a Crist fan, who is hoping he can derail the presidential aspirations of current governor, Ron DeSantis, you’d better hope he’s not announcing his running mate.

Why? Great question.

A running mate should get what wrestling fans call a “pop”. A loud reaction from an audience when someone comes out or is announced. This announcement is a terrific opportunity for a pop.

And it shouldn’t be wasted on a sleepy Saturday in late August.

I call it a sleepy Saturday, because much of the media gets the weekend off. Yes, the key publications will still be there but not a full strength crew.

And even if it’s well covered, who watches the news on a Saturday?

The Crist campaign should wait until Monday or even Tuesday to name a running mate in front of an audience who is completely paying attention to him.

Getting into the heads of the consultants running this campaign, should they do it on Saturday, there could be a reason.

A unity ceremony, which usually takes place after contentious primaries. It’s been held in Orlando on several occasions. This is a rally with all of the statewide candidates and some for federal and local offices as well.

All that being said, this ceremony is being held in South Florida.

Maybe Charlie’s pick will be Nikki Fried (you can get all of my guesses HERE).

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