NFL: The internet needs to stop making excuses for the stalled development of Jordan Love

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The Green Bay Packers wrapped up their pre season with a 17-10 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. They went 1-2 in the meaningless games.

But one thing that wasn’t meaningless was the pre season play of first round draft pick and Packers back up quarterback, Jordan Love.

His final line for the preseason?

41-of-74 for 437 yards, 3 Touchdowns and 4 interceptions for a 63.9 rating.

That’s not going to get it done guys.

And one thing we continue hearing online after these performances.

“Well, the stats aren’t indicative of the play.”

Yes, they are. They’re the statistics. And Jordan Love isn’t progressing.

He may not be regressing. He may be getting bolder after the snap and seeing things better, but the end product is not where it needs to be in his third year.

The internet ain’t trying to hear all of that. Green Bay Packers fans are almost in complete denial.

We’re trying to be kind, but at what point does that kindness ends and the big decisions begin?

With Jordan Love. Very soon.

And what is allowing us to procrastinate is our luxury. A two time reigning NFL Most Valuable Player in Aaron Rodgers.

But the championship window for this team is closer to its end than its beginning.

If the championship hopes of this team have to rely on another option at quarterback when it matters, do you trust Jordan Love to be that replacement?

I don’t think any Green Bay Packers fan can honestly say “yes” to that question right now.

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