Ron DeSantis toll savings program is first dual election play for voters this year and in 2024

One thing we’ve got to remember as we head into the general election stretch of 2022, is that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is running two races at the same time.

He’s running his November reelection campaign against former Governor Charlie Crist.

And he’s running a 2024 GOP presidential primary, in what will be a hungry field of candidates waiting to challenge Joe Biden (assuming Donald Trump doesn’t run again).

How can you run both of these races at once?

You save people money on things they despise paying for. Like Florida toll roads. We all hate those. But our local officials keep raising them for reasons which never seem to be totally clear.

And that’s why DeSantis is implementing his toll roads savings program. At a press conference on Thursday he announced credits for Sunpass drivers who are regulars on these roads (story HERE).

You can expect to see more of these kinds of programs.

And yes, you can still expect to see the governor push his conservative platform as well. The issues that make headlines on FOX news and propels him in the polls of potential 2024 match ups.

The goal is hoping that moderate voters will be able to look past any social stances the governor may be taking that they may not care for, in exchange for a little more money at the beginning of the month.

If you don’t support him for his dark red politics, you’ll support him for the green cash savings.

Will it work? Everyone seems to think so. But we’ve still got a couple of months before November.

But don’t expect Ron DeSantis to easily give up any ground for 2024 in the process.

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