We all need to be paying attention to the Orange County Commission District 6 recount and runoff

Right now, there is a recount happening for the Orange County Commission race in District 6, and there will be a runoff for the area that includes Pine Hills, Parramore, and other parts of West Orange County.

The candidates that are still in play are Lawanna Gelzer, Cynthia Harris, and Michael “Mike” Scott.

I don’t tell people who to vote for. And especially here, because I’m not even sure who I’d vote for.

But this district has been overlooked for decades now. And if leaders are serious about prosperity for all residents of Orange County, then that starts with equal opportunities for this area as well.

Over the past 8 years, the area has been represented by Victoria Siplin, and on multiple occasions I watched her advocate for residents who don’t get the same opportunities as others. While she broke my heart with her vote against fair rent measures, she was once an underdog political figure who lost her first election.

These candidates are also all underdogs who have also lost previous elections.

We need to study and get involved.

It also helps to know the dynamic of Orange County politics. District 6 representatives vote on issues all over the county. They have a voice in what happens in Bithlo. They get a vote on matters in Windermere.

And they’re also courted by the same special interests that have already put Orange County out of reach for many lifelong residents, including myself.

We’re heading towards a runoff. Get in the fight. Make some noise, and ensure this area finally has their voice heard.

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