Orlando real estate won’t lower apartment rent, even with government streamlining building process

As Orlando continues to suffer from it’s worst rent crisis in history, the real estate and development industry continues to point fingers at the government to cover up what is just a blatant case of industry greed.

The hometown paper has a story this morning featuring Orlando real estate lobbyists and allies blaming a long government permitting process for a shortage of apartments in the area (story HERE).

And they admit they’re going to pass on the costs to the tenants, in what is just a psychological tactic to turn a hurting community against their lawmakers to force change.

Mind you, the Orlando real estate industry is also suing to stop fair rent measures in Orange County passed by local government leaders (story HERE).

Their hypocrisy apparently knows no bounds.

You should also be advised that even when the apartment inventory gets here, there won’t be any decreases in rent. Orlando real estate won’t allow that to happen.

This is just another divide and conquer tactic and you shouldn’t fall for it.

And local leaders shouldn’t put up with this betrayal either. This deflects their liabilities on to them. How many campaign checks are those headaches worth?

While the debate marches on, and these games continued to be played, there are families suffering as you read these words.

It’s a tragedy that those who are suffering can’t be plugged in and observing how one greedy industry is responsible for their children sleeping in cars. Even the motels some live in have been targeted by these groups (story HERE).

But government. Let’s blame them while people suffer.

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