Jerry Demings needs fair rent stabilization to die before campaigning for sales tax increase in OC

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings was reelected on Tuesday with virtually no opposition, with an intimidating warchest of special interest money accumulated by big real estate, tourism, and lobbyists.

Now on to the Orange County sales tax increase for transportation. Something he’s been wanting to do for years. A referendum that he sees as his legacy project.

Jerry hopes that in 2050, we’re all riding in flying buses on the way to the convention center, and speaking his name in reverent tones as the father of transportation in Orange County as we do it.

Even if he has to kick a few families out on the street here in 2022 to do it.

Because as of right now, the Orange County Rent Stabilization measure is also heading to the ballot. Jerry fought it the entire way. Partially because he didn’t want to admit his own “Housing for All” plan was a failure. And also because the real estate salespeople and lobbyists were giving him tens of thousands in campaign donations to do it. Right now those same special interests who are suing to prevent the people from voting on it.

Jerry hopes it dies. It will save him a lot headaches.

Because he can’t advocate for a tax increase that will cost families an extra $390 a year, while opposing a measure that could save them that much money on the rent a month.

“Yes, I want you to raise your taxes. But no, I can’t support fair rent prices.”

That his logic there. But he doesn’t want to have to say that.

That means he’ll only get an audience with “the choir”, aka the special interests who already support raising taxes so they don’t have to spend their own money being good community partners.

Remember their motto. “Never our money. Your money”.

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