Orlando Magic: New training center gives them more toys they don’t deserve

You know that D-student friend you grew up with in Orlando that never worked hard and never got grounded for his poor efforts, but still cleaned up on Christmas morning and paraded his toys around the neighborhood?

The NBA personification of that friend is your Orlando Magic.

And so it goes, the team celebrated the opening of a new $70 million dollar training center containing a ridiculous amount of toys.

They were one of the worst teams in the NBA last season, and have been since the front office blew up the roster’s nucleus to save their own jobs a couple of years ago.

There is a lot of Magic content out there, so, I’m going to come at this from a different angle.

And that is how a bad Orlando Magic team is bad for downtown Orlando.

If you’ve been to a Magic game during a bad season, there is no doubt you’ve seen the visiting team dominating the “Big Pyramid” aka The Amway Center both on the court and in the stands. There is more purple and gold or red and black, then there is blue and white.

But bad Magic teams mean less business for downtown Orlando. Bars and restaurants don’t get full and our service workers don’t get paid.

However, that terrible Orlando Magic front office continues to get paid. You’re still expected to pay those high ticket and merchandise prices for a poor playing team. You’d better believe that.

And they’ve got a whole new house of toys to play with.

Thank goodness for Paolo Banchero, or else there would be no reason to get excited this season for this poorly ran organization that continues becoming wealthy off of mediocrity.

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