If Ron DeSantis wants to challenge Joe Biden in 24′, he needs to respond to Philly speech

On Thursday night, President Joe Biden went on the offensive to beat back at the Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” philosophy, that still guides the Republican party almost two years after he left office. And he called out “MAGA Republicans” under a lens that paints them as traitors who put a “dagger up to the throat of American democracy”.

If Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wants to challenge Joe Biden in 2024, he should say something. Immediately.

Because this is about positioning himself as the challenger for the White House in 2024. Even ahead of Donald Trump himself, who still finds himself outside of suitable rapid response vehicle.

The primary for 2024 has already started, and DeSantis is in strong shape should Trump decide not to run, but right now those primary voters are looking for someone who is going to step up to the microphone and fight back at these Biden talking points, which are designed to dig up the negative sentiment that allowed him to defeat Trump in 2020.

This speech also hinders Ron DeSantis in his current fight against former Republican governor turned democratic gubernatorial nominee, Charlie Crist, who has been vocal about bringing Joe Biden down to Florida to campaign for him in the home stretch leading up to the mid terms.

DeSantis still has to like his chances, but he’s running two races right now and fighting political battles on two fronts.

And the second front in his possible challenge against a sitting President just got much busier with tonight’s outing in Philadelphia.

If he doesn’t speak up, someone else will.

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