With Ashley Moody vs. Aramis Ayala, its abortion rights and Markeith Loyd

While most of the attention is on Ron DeSantis vs. Charlie Crist for Florida governor, the most interesting statewide race could be the Attorney General contest between incumbent Ashley Moody and former Orange-Osceola County state attorney, Aramis Ayala.

And at the crossroads of this very important race are two very sensitive issues.

The right to abortion access.

And the death penalty, in this case in regards to convicted cop killer Markeith Loyd.

Ayala is already throwing the abortion issue at her conservative opponent. It’s her campaign that believes an overreaching government on abortion access will be rejected by moderate voters. The Attorney General will obviously play an important role in whatever action the state takes on the issue moving forward.

Moody will eventually bring up Markeith Loyd. The nation was watching in 2017 when Ayala decided not to pursue the death penalty against Loyd, who was accused of killing police officer and his girlfriend who was pregnant with his unborn child. The case was taken away from Ayala by then governor Rick Scott. Loyd was found guilty in both cases.

It is understandably almost impossible to have a debate about these highly charged issues without the emotion of the voters coming into play.

That will likely mean nasty attacks by third parties on behalf of both candidates.

The true test of political skill will occur when these two eventually meet to debate the issue.

Their exchanges could swing undecided voters in real time and should the race become close, determine the very outcome.

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