Rick Scott’s biggest challenge could be making winners out of Herschel Walker and Dr. Oz

Rick Scott has been defying the political oddsmakers since he first stormed on the Florida Politics stage in 2010.

Bill McCullom.
Alex Sink.
Charlie Crist.
Bill Nelson.

He wasn’t supposed to win any of those races.

“Some healthcare guy from South Florida” as he was first introduced at the meeting I was at where he got no votes in his straw poll loss to McCullom, has come a long way, and is currently the Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

That means it’s his job to get back the majority in the Senate for the GOP.

And that means making winners out of Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker.

Dr. Oz has been stumbling up there in Pennsylvania since his close primary victory. And despite being on television for years, has managed to be about as uncharasmatic as they come when talking to the voters.

Herschel Walker has proven himself to be almost completely inept on policy. While he was a monster on the gridiron, he’s a fumble machine on the campaign trail, completely goofing up on this challenge of climate change, believing our budget is spent on trees. “Don’t we got enough trees around here?” he asked.

While Rick Scott isn’t exactly George Clooney on the campaign trail, even during his first run so many years ago, he was better than both of these scrubs.

But that doesn’t matter. If Scott doesn’t flip the Senate, he would have failed for the first time in his political career. And Mitch McConnel is already prepared to bury him on it (story HERE).

And this battle may be completely out of his control.

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