Florida Gators: Yeah, its time to get excited about Anthony Richardson

That was some game last night. Wasn’t it?

The Florida Gators stunned the #7 ranked Utah Utes in the swamp on Saturday Night 29-26, kicking off the Billy Napier era with a statement win that got the team trending #1 on social media in prime time.

We’re not going to get too carried away, the team gave up over 200 yards in rushing, and it was a close game down to the wire.

But, Gators QB Anthony Richardson “leveled up”, making plays with his legs and rushing for 3 touchdowns and throwing for another with no turnovers.

He was dynamic, moving around the pocket and making his performance look effortless. There was a lot of Lamar Jackson last night in Richardson.

Is it time to get excited about him? Yeah, I think so.

Why? Because the rest of the country is already ahead of us.

Richardson shines.

Richardson dazzles.

Richardson captivates.

Those are just some of the verbs being used this morning, and a lot more adjectives as well.

He showed plenty of promise last year too, but that was in an environment of chaos. Dan Mullen’s staff never seemed quite right. Mostly Dan Mullen.

But under Billy Napier everything just seems a little more prepared. This is just one game, but last year’s squad would have gotten smoked by Utah.

So now on to #20 Kentucky in another prime time match-up in the swamp before USF comes to town.

The runway is there. It’s time for Anthony Richardson to fly. Gator fans all over the country are interested to see how high he can finally go.

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