Orlando City Soccer spy drama is a dumb and desperate attempt at controversy

The internet soccer trolls are out and about on this Tuesday night,and desperate to attack some team for something that makes no sense.

Unfortunately for Central Florida, it happens to be the Orlando City. Take a look at the tweet below..

Help me out here.

Was he a porcupine?
Does he have some strange soccer diplomatic immunity?
Why not just throw him out?

And the more details we get, the more dumb the story becomes. Apparently, this practice was at a public park. When did public parks become private? And is there a worse place to hold a closed practice?

But, we’re not getting any answers and the team is already all over social media for the wrong reasons.

And shame on Republic FC for playing victims here.

The worst part about this is that the Orlando City has been such a quiet MLS organization, that this is going to be their identity now to the rest of the country.

It doesn’t matter how stupid this story is. And it is stupid.

Unfortunately, the team is staying quiet. That’s a mistake. They need to end this foolish chatter immediately. We don’t want to be the Houston Astros or New England Patriots of the MLS.

It’s just terrible that this toothless story had to find its footing and is doing damage to our hometown team.

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