Orlando candidates ducking debates over vaccination status are just unprepared actors

I have some shocking news for Orlando area candidates.

Being vaccinated doesn’t make you less of a conservative or a progressive.

Governor Ron DeSantis is vaccinated.
Former Governor Charlie Crist is vaccinated.

President Joe Biden is vaccinated.
Former President Donald Trump is vaccinated.

But over the past week, we’ve seen some Orlando candidates for office taking the easy way out of televised debates because of a disagreement with hosting organizations over vaccination status.

Avoiding debates because of this reason doesn’t make you some kind of trailblazer for medical freedom. Not when the standard bearers in each party have already gotten the shot. It makes you an unprepared, actor, who’s afraid of a fight.

And if you’re afraid of a fight, you shouldn’t be in office representing the people of Orlando.

Let’s be real. You’re ducking these debates because you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re running for office because it’s fun.

You’re what professionals in Orlando politics call a “tourist” candidate. And you probably saw these debate rules and instantly knew what you were going to do.

Instead of winning office by debating, knocking on doors, and talking to voters, you’re trying to take the easy way in by being a victim.

And the Orlando community deserves better.

If you disagree with debate rules, then turn them down in advance. And if you didn’t know the rules up front, then you’re not asking the right questions anyway.

This is a dumb trend that doesn’t make these candidates look strong, it just makes them look scared and unfit for office.

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