Scott Frost leaving behind a winning UCF team, only to get fired at Nebraska is a football tragedy

Maybe loyalty isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be?

Or maybe it is?

Some of the questions that come to mind after watching Nebraska fire their hometown boy, Scott Frost, on Sunday after losing to Georgia Southern on Saturday, closing the book on what has been a sad epilogue in a football program’s special history.

I’m talking about UCF. Not Nebraska.

The truth is that Frost, built something special here in Orlando. He took a program that was irrelevant and built it into a championship contender that the national blowhards on cable TV hated.

We were a true college football underdog capable of beating anyone on a given day. And bigger programs hated us because they were scared we would embarrass them on the national stage.

But Frost was called by loyalty to his alma mater at Nebraska, where he never found success, and instead found national ridicule on social media almost every single weekend, dominated by bad Jesse Plemons jokes.

Meanwhile, here in Orlando/Winter Park, we got stuck with the Josh Heupel and Danny White scam, and after running the program into the ground and spending all the money they could, they took off to Tennessee to stage an encore performance.

Here at UCF, we’ve got Gus Malzahn, who is hitting a rough patch and faces a lot of uncertainty at key positions. Some believe he belongs on the hot seat already.

What would have happened if Scott Frost stayed? How much further would he have taken us?

I guess we’ll never know.

But when you’ve got something good in Orlando, it’s typically a good idea to stay. We’re a forgiving community. Not like those savages over there rooting for “Big Red”. Look at the Orlando Magic. They’re a terribly ran organization and we can’t stop giving them money.

But we had something great here and we lost it.

Sorry, Scott. But you’re a smart guy and I think you’ll be just fine.

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