Outside money floods Orange County Transportation Penny Sales Tax campaign account

While Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings tries to trick his constituents into raising their own taxes in the middle of the worst housing crisis Orlando has ever seen, outside money is flooding the campaign account that will eventually rush TV with lying campaign ads that don’t even mention the word “tax”.

About $120,000 made it’s way into the Moving Orange County Forward campaign coffers. You can view the picture below and all of the campaign reports HERE.

Why would these outside organizations care about a penny sales tax increase in Orange County?

Because they think you’re an ATM. That’s why.

And using their untrue study that tourists will pay for the tax, which was done by a tourism agency, they’re going to take that lie to the people.

When the truth is that this will cost you close to $400 a year (story HERE).

Don’t believe the lies. Don’t believe the paid off supporters. Follow the money. It’s right there. Vote “No” on this parasitic initiative.

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