Buddy Dyer shouldn’t be asking us to pay for Orlando connect police camera service

Listen, I’ve always appreciated law enforcement, and understand that each night those men and women risk their lives to keep Orlando safe. We should be open to ideas that can make their work easier.

But, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer asking us to pay $200 to integrate our cameras, while we can’t even pay our rent because of him, is a big ask.

And so goes the Orlando connect program.

The system itself is innovative. If you have a camera, give OPD another set of eyes to catch violent criminals. It’s work in cities like Atlanta. The system is pretty cool.

However, If you want to integrate your camera, it’s going to cost you. You can apply for a grant to get it connected at no cost.

Apply for a grant.
To help a city that doesn’t care about where struggling families live save money.

Instead of Mayor Dyer asking bad community partners like Orlando real estate and tourism entities like VISIT Orlando to step up and keep our community safe, he’s coming to us again. Where are they?

He’s gone from the elected leader of Orlando to a security system salesman.

And this, while he also teams up with Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings to raise our taxes to pay for transportation projects (story HERE).

Orlando has seen an increase of violent crime. Heck, we just had six people get shot while partying downtown.

But stop coming to us to solve problems financially, when we’re living in cars and motels.

We want to help law enforcement. It’s just not fair that we’re being asked to do more while other special interests in this town do nothing.

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