Karla Hernandez fighting with Casey DeSantis after a missed joke, is not good for Charlie Crist

Read this quote from Charlie Crist running mate, Karla Hernandez…

“Here we are, I’m a teacher, my major was emotionally handicapped education. That by itself qualifies me to deal with a dysfunctional legislature.

That was a joke she made on the stump during a recent campaign event.

You know what she really meant.
I know what she really meant.
It wasn’t a true “dis”, but it looked bad on video and it sounded bad on video.

Really, it bothered me more when she confused Kissimmee for Orlando during a recent Puerto Rican parade. That was an authentic miscalculation.

But what is bad for the Crist-Hernandez campaign, is that it lead to this tweet from Florida First Lady, Casey DeSantis.

This deployment of Casey DeSantis in an area such as this one is important. Look at the photo on this post.

And look at Hernandez’s response…

Casey DeSantis is a former news anchor from Jacksonville, who is a cancer survivor, and mother to three young children.

And she’s a heck of a lot more likeable than her husband.

Anyone who has been watching DeSantis for a while will tell you that she is the heart and soul of his retail politics.

And she is much more appealing to middle of the road voters. The support Charlie needs.

Honestly, she’s more powerful than DeSantis’ lieutenant governor, Jeanette Nunez (where has she been by the way?).

I’ve never been bullish on Hernandez. I thought Crist should have picked Nikki Fried or someone like Stephanie Murphy.

Because he doesn’t need these unforced errors. They need to move on quickly.

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