Orange County Rent Control: The absolute truth on the issue for Orlando voters

On Thursday, a judge in Orange County ruled that rent control (or rent stabilization, or fair rent) would remain on the November ballot. This after Orlando real estate sued in an attempt to override the decision of the representatives you elected.

That bears repeating. The Orange County Real Estate industry here in Central Florida didn’t want you to vote because it would hurt their profits.

But they have deep pockets, and will now launch a propaganda campaign full of lies.

It important to remember these points.

These are all demonstrated and well documented points. The occupational shortages have been well covered and the rent hikes are unprecedented in Orlando.

This is a consumer rights issue to prevent price gouging: You’ll be hearing a lot about the free market over the next couple of months. Orlando real estate doesn’t care about the free market or they wouldn’t try to silence the voice of the people after the market demanded changes. They’ve been price gouging, with rent increases in the hundreds that have thrown families on the street.

Orlando real estate exploiting the market has hurt our schools: Teachers can’t afford to live here. That’s why the education of your children is suffering. That’s why there aren’t any bus drivers. Fair rent will prevent us from losing more of them.

High rent in Orange County is effecting our medical care: Our nurses have a similar problem. They’re also leaving because the rent is too high. If you have a loved one in the hospital, you’ll see this when they’re not receiving the level of care that they should.

Orlando real estate only cares about the money. They don’t care about you
: Listen to real estate investors talk about Orlando and raising your rent. Its about money nothing else. Why would they sue to prevent you from voting?

They will tell you any lie they have to in order to protect their profits
: Get ready. They’re going to make villains out of tenants, that includes the teachers and nurses we’ve already mentioned, in addition to our police officers, seniors and veterans.
They’ll villanize all of them in the coming months. They lied to Orange County Commissioners and they’re going to try to fool you too.

The misinformation is coming. Don’t believe the lies. Let’s protect our neighbors and get this initiative passed.

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